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Four Q’s to Ask Before You Invest in Data Analytics

By Michael Cochrum, CUBI.Pro I’ve worked with dozens, if not hundreds, of organizations on data analytics projects.   Most often, I encounter my clients at a point of heightened frustration, having spent weeks or months and thousands of dollars to solve what they perceive should be a simple analytics problem.   Unfortunately, some organizations simply give up and retreat to an intuitive decision-making process that is irritatingly slow and notoriously inaccurate.   If I had the opportunity to consult with your organization before you embark on your data journey, here are four questions that I would ask about your organization before proceeding on a journey to data-driven decision making. Does Your Leadership Support Data-Driven Decision-Making? Data Analytics and Business Intelligence has become a bit of a fad to talk about, especially since Harvard Business Review named Data Scientist the Most Sexiest Job of the 21 st Century in 2012 [i] .   Who doesn’t want to have a s