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Why Pay for Water Cooler Chatter?

Have you ever wondered how much time your employees actually spend doing their primary work task?   According to the company WorkFront [i] , a management software provider, employees reported only spending 40% of their time working on their primary task in 2018.   This is down from 45% reported in 2014.   Workers report that emails, administrative tasks (clocking in, clocking out and completing forms), wasteful meetings and needless interruptions account for the remainder of the time your employees spend at work.   In a credit union, there are obvious positions that must be filled with onsite, permanent employees, but many back-office, support tasks can be outsourced, especially those that require a high level of skill and experience, reducing costs and increasing productivity.   Data Sciences and Analytics are a good example where credit unions can get more for less by outsourcing these functions. If your credit union is considering digging into its data and using data to mak